What other country has set aside 38% of its total area as national parks, game reserves, conservation areas, marine parks?

Tanzania offers 359,974 sq km (138,987 sq miles) of natural and unspoilt eco systems. This makes it the finest safari destination in Africa.

Which country offers you the cradle of mankind, the tallest mountain in Africa, one of the worlds largest natural eco systems and animal migrations, and the most famous historical spice island?

Tanzania hosts an array of these world renowned attractions from the Ol Dupai Gorge, to the Serengeti and wildebeest migration, to Kilimanjaro, the tallest free standing mountain in the world, to the archipelago of Zanzibar.

It is estimated that 20 percent of the large mammal population in Africa is found in Tanzania not to mention the varieties of bird species and plant life.1,400 km of coastline & tropical islands make Tanzania a perfect beach destination too.Tanzania has a rich archaeological & historical heritage with evidence found all over the land.It is also home to over 120 indigenous tribes and cultures some of whom have maintained their traditional lifestyle, including one of the last hunter gatherers. All these communities have a cultural heritage dating back thousands of years and evidence can be found scattered throughout the country. Such historical sites make for interesting cultural safaris. One can also have a glimpse of life as it once was among various communities that still maintain their traditional lifestyle.

Visit the vast National Parks and reserves spread across the country and experience first hand the tranquility and serenity of the African outdoors. Interact with the endless variety of wildlife and bird species spread across the land in their natural habitat. Stay in luxury lodges and tented camps inside the parks with spectacular views, real encounters with wildlife and that special touch of comfort that feels just like home.

Tanzania is easily accessible from its 2 main international airports. It has been a beacon of political stability since its independence in 1961.

We Tanzanians have distinguished ourselves as being a warm and welcoming people.